TeamUp: How It Works
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How It Works

See info below about Postponed, Suspended, Canceled and Forfeited Games
  • GET STARTED: Spend your budget on real-world teams for your portfolio.
  • YOUR COMPETITION: Choose whether to join or create a friends league or simply play against the TeamUp community. Game play is the same and you're always competing in the community, but a friends league allows you to view standings showing just your friends.
  • WEEKLY: Before each week's Wednesday night deadline (Thursday 3AM ET), you may swap out up to 2 teams in your portfolio (unlimited swaps are allowed until the first deadline for each new portfolio). You can also adjust your active teams for the upcoming week until the deadline, or do nothing and let the previous week's active teams continue to be active.
  • EARN POINTS: Each week, earn 3 points for every win across your active teams. If your sport allows ties/draws in the real world, you'll earn 1 point for each of those.
  • HOW TO WIN: Finish on top by earning the most fantasy points across the entire season for the sport. [Tiebreakers: 1. Real-world score differential across all your active teams' games. 2. Total real-world scores across all your active teams' games. 3. Date/time when you first set up your portfolio and selected teams for the season -- the earlier the better.]
  • PORTFOLIO VALUE: The values of the real-world teams in TeamUp vary each week based on results, and this directly affects your portfolio value. So if the teams in your portfolio consistently do well, active or not, your buying power goes up!
  • SCHEDULE CHANGES: For Postponed, Suspended Canceled and Forfeited Games, fantasy points are earned based on the TeamUp week in which games are completed. If a game is postponed or suspended, points are earned based on the week in which the game was rescheduled and completed. If a game is canceled, the game was never completed and no points are earned. 3 points for the non-forfeiting team in forfeited games are earned based on the week in which the game was last scheduled if the game was never played, or the week in which the game was last played, even in part.

Check back for potential new fantasy leagues to join!